Tsavo East national park

Tsavo East national park

Tsavo East national park nicknamed as the “Theatre of the Wild”. Its famous with its large herds of the red-dusted Elephants which like rolling on the red dusty soil. The young ones like playing with the adults as they keep spraying themselves with the dust. At night the Elephants are found near the clear Blue water of the Palm-shaded Galana River. The blue water of the Galana river is the most Evocative image not only in Kenya but entire Africa. Tsavo East national park is the largest national park in Kenya covering total land area of 13,747 square kilometres. It’s the oldest national park in Kenya. It was established in April 1948 together with its counterpart Tsavo West national park. It was named after the Tsavo River that crosses the park from West to East.

Tsavo East national park is drained by two key Rivers those are Tsavo River and Athi river. The two rivers join together at the later stage forming the large and famous Galana River. The park is considered as one of the biodiversity strongholds not only in Kenya but entire world. Its managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

The famous Kenyan park is one of the premium national parks in the country. It’s a home of the longest Plateau I the world covering a distance of over 300 kilometers. The Yatta Plateau is a key tourist attraction in Tsavo East national park. The park hosts a large number of permanent residents especially the large mammals that include all the African big five (lions, leopards, Elephants, Buffalo and Rhinos) other big game at the park include: Crocodiles, hippos, Waterbucks, Lesser Kudu, Wildebeests, Gerenuk, Zebras, Giraffes and many more. The park has a prolific bird life featuring over 500 bird species recorded across the park. The different habitats at the park has contributed greatly to the large number of bird species at the park.

Tsavo East is drier compared to Tsavo West hence making it mostly dominated by the open savannah grassland. The geography of park is also dotted with some Acacia trees together with some rough rocky surface area.

Location of Tsavo East national park

The oldest national park in Kenya is also the largest national park in the country. Its situated in the Semi-arid area of the famous Taru Desert. Tsavo East national park is located near the coast few kilometres a way from Voi town. The park is found in Taita-Taveta County which was formally known as the Coast Province. It borders the Tsavo West national park which was part of the Tsavo East national park before the construction of the A109 road along with the railway line that connects the interior of Kenya with the coastal Areas. The park is located in the South East of the Kenya capital Nairobi, its 250 kilometres away from the city.  It also borders the Mkomazi Game reserve of Tanzania and the Chyulu hills national park.


Accessing Tsavo East National park


Getting to Tsavo East National park is very easy from either the Kenya capital Nairobi or from Mombasa. The park is the only park in Kenya where a traveller can reach using the railway line. The park is found along the good tarmac road of A109 highway that passes in the middle of the park. The park can be accessed using the following ways:


By Road

The park can easily be accessed by road From Nairobi entering to the different gates of the park. The distance from Nairobi to the park differs according to the location of the traveller from the city. Its also determined by the gate which the traveller would wish to enter to the park from. The most common roads used by travellers are: The main road from Nairobi to Mombasa that covers 250 kilometres. If entering through the Mtito Andei gate its 233 kilometres. If in Mombasa through Voi its only 96 kilometres. You can also use the Western road (C103) which enters in to the park through Sala.  This covers a total distance of 153 kilometres.


Tsavo East National park is among the few protected areas in Africa that can be accessed by railway. The Railway line passes through the middle of the park together with the highway.



There are several domestic flights that operate daily from Nairobi Wilson Airport and Mombasa. The guest can book the flight online or directly from the local reputable operators who give you all inclusive Tsavo East National park safari package. The park has a good number of airstrips that are located inside and some outside but near the park gates. The list of airstrips include: Voi, Sala airstrip, Satao airstrip, Cottars airstrip, Bachuma airstrip, Mopeo airstrip, Aruba airstrip, Ithumba airstrip, Sangayaya airstrip.

Attractions in Tsavo East National park


Tsavo East National park is one of the Kenya’s largest national park with a vast undeveloped wilderness. It’s a home of all African big five (lions, leopards, Elephant, Buffalo and rhinos) the park hosts both White and black rhinos. It’s a home of other animals in large numbers like buffalo, dik-dik, red duiker, zebras, giraffes, bushbaby, yellow baboons, cheetahs, African hunting dogs, eland, gazelles, gerenuk, springhare, hyenas, jackals, impala, tree hyrax, hartebeest, foxes and many more.



The park has over 500 bird species that include ostriches, buzzards, krestrels, starlings, hornbills, secretary bird, lovebirds, herons, weaver birds, kingfishers and many more. Birding can be done throughout the year though its excellently during the rainy season when the park receives most of the immigrants across the world. This is also the breeding season for the birds across the park.


Yatta Plateau

The yatta plateau is the key attraction of Tsavo East National park. The world’s longest lava flow that runs along the boundary of the park on the Western side.  The 300 kilometres long plateau was formed by the hot running lava from the Ol Doinyo Sabuk mountain.

Mudanda Rock

The inselberg of Mudanda are 1.6kilometers, they are the great water catchment area that supplies all the lower dams with water. It offers great vantage point for hundreds of wildlife that always come and drink water from this area. This is a game viewing destination especially during the dry season when all animals come here to quench their thirst.

Lugard Falls

Named after the first European explorer Frederick Lugard who was the first European to step at the white water falls. Located along the Galana river, the falls is great sightseeing area at the park.


Aruba Dam


This is one of the dams that is found at the park, it was constructed in 1952 across the Voi River. The main purpose of creating the dam was to create a reservoir of water for the wildlife during the dry season.

Tsavo East National park is not only the oldest and largest national park in Kenya but also the most popular game reserve. It hosts a wide range of wildlife that gives the traveler the true feel of the African juggle.

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