Masai Mara entry fees

Masai Mara entry fees

Masai Mara entry fees unlike other Kenya National parks which are managed by Kenya wildlife Service. Masai Mara is a community game reserve which is managed by Local Maasai people in Narok. Like any other protected area, the park fees differ from Kenyan residents/East Africans and the non-residents. This is done in order to promote domestic and regional tourism the government of Kenya through Kenya Wildlife Services. At times the locals are offered different discounted park fees to the residents.

Masai Mara national reserve is a community based managed national reserve. Its managed by the Maasai locals under the two community councils these are: Narok council and Trans-Mara county Council. The famous Masai Mara national reserve is a home of the natural wonder that is wildebeest migration. The wildebeest migration is the largest wildlife migration on earth. It happens trans borders that is from Tanzania Serengeti national park to Kenya Masai Mara national reserve.

Masai Mara entry fees

Millions of the wildebeests together with thousands of Zebras cross the deadly Mara river. This event is annually happening between July to August depending on the weather conditions of the year. The small reserve hosts animals larger than its normal size with millions of the migratory wildebeests and Zebras that come annually from July to October from Serengeti national park.

Masai Mara entry fees are prepaid at the bank and only the serial number taken to the park gates. The managing councils do not allow the gates to receive cash payments but only cashless payments using credit cards. The park fees expire after every 24 hours and they are paid per person. The guests has to prepay all the amount of the park entry fees according to his or her planed number of days they will spend at the park. The fees may differed between the adults and the children below 15 years of age. There are also cashless payment machines at the various park gates as they donot accept any cash.

When paying the Masai Mara entry fees using your credit card, the surcharged will be added. The Masai Mara Park entry fees is also based on the location of your accommodation. If you stay inside the reserve you pay less 10$bwhile those staying outside the reserve pay full amount. If the guest is staying outside the reserve you pay 80usd while those that stay inside the reserve pay 70usd . For children staying outside the reserve they  pay 45usd valid for 24 hours while those staying inside pay 40usd valid for 24 hours.

The Students are given special rates which are only applicable to students of 25 years of age and must be sponsored by the learning institution. They must also produce the student identity cards as a proof of being a student in that institution.  The institutions must apply as early as at least two weeks in order to obtain the permission of student rates. If not applied in time, the reserve will not accept your request as students.

Child rates are applicable to persons from 3 to 11 years of age and they are moving with their parents. Persons below 3 years of age donot pay the Masai Mara fees hence making them enjoy the privileges from their parents. Enjoy the best game reserve in the world a home of great predators and Elephants.

Masai Mara entry fees

The Masai Mara Park entry fees are paid in two currencies those are: US Dollars and Kenya shillings only. Any other currency are not allowed, you are expected to change the currency to any of the above before accessing the park gates. You can change the money on arrival at the airport or at the bank. When using flight to the park, the entry fees are paid on the airstrip as they are clearing you before your driver guide picks you up. Then nonresidents pay in US dollars while East Africans and Kenyans pay in Kenyan shillings.  The East African residents are those citizens from East African member countries those are Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi and South Sudan. They must provide the national identity card as a proof of their citizenship to any of the member countries.

Masai Mara Park entry fees Applicable 2020 ~2021


inside park* outside park
east african resident** kenyan citizen
Adult US$ 70 US$ 80 Ksh 1,200 Ksh 1,000
Child*** US$ 40 US$ 45 Ksh 500 Ksh 300
Student**** US$ 40 Ksh 500 Ksh 300


Other Masai mara park fees are the truck fees and safari cars entry fees. These are different from individual park entry fees

Vehicle entry fees

safari vehicle
Less than 6 seats Ksh 400
6 – 12 seats Ksh 1,000
13 – 24 seats Ksh 3,000
24 – 44 seats Ksh 4,000
45 seats and above Ksh 5,000
1 – 3 tons Ksh 700
4 – 7 tons Ksh 2,500
8 tons and above Ksh 3,500
Ranger fees  

activity ranger fees
Game drive (+6hrs) Ksh 3,000
Game drive (-6hrs) Ksh 1,500
Full night camp security Ksh 4,000

Ranger fees are not compulsory but they are good to know incase you want to hire the service of a game ranger during your Masai Mara safari.  Other Kenya national park fees please check on Kenya Wildlife Service traffic plan.


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