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Budget Gorilla trekking

Budget Gorilla trekking is one of the essential thing one asks most before planning for his or her trip to Africa. Gorilla trekking is the highlight of African safari alongside the African big 5. Most of the tourist who plan to travel to Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo come mainly for Mountain Gorilla trekking. The Gorilla trekking budget does not mean to break the bank or to cheap. The cost of the Gorilla trekking trip in any of the Mountain Gorilla trekking countries is determined by the chosen local tour operator a guest uses. The cost always includes the gorilla permit money which is 600 usd currently in Uganda though going to change to 700usd by July 2020, 1500usd for Rwanda and 450usd for democratic republic of Congo.

6 Days Rwanda  Safari

The Budget Gorilla trekking also includes the Accommodation type which the guest likes which ranges from Budget accommodation, Mid-range to luxury accommodation. The difference on the budget comes from the difference in the accommodation the guests will spend his or her night from. You donot need to break the bank inorder to make the best Budget Gorilla trekking but consider available resources or income you have and you will still make your budget well and have great gorilla trekking safari in any of the three countries.  Budgeting is one of the key factors that determine your direction and expectations in every safari to any destination. This will regulate unnecessary spending that is outside your budget hence saving more during your trip

When budgeting for the Gorilla safari you have to take in consideration the key aspects of Gorilla trekking safaris. These are a must paid activities that are included on the package of the Gorilla trekking activity. As listed above gorilla permits and accommodation are the most important facts to consider before you proceed to other items.  Its very easy to attain the best Gorilla trekking experience at every low budget cost that gives you great value of the money. You need to work hand in hand with local operators who donot require for commission but give you direct prices. There are many reputable operators that can organize for you the best budget Gorilla safari. We make sure every coin is accounted for with excellent services with our wide range of budget Gorilla safaris like 3 days budget Gorilla safaris, 3 days budget gorilla trekking in Uganda, 3 days budget gorilla trekking in Uganda from Kigali and many more packages. We can also tailor make your gorilla package according to your budget, date and preferred accommodations.

When starting plans on Budget Gorilla trekking, you have to consider the travel services that local tour operator will provide. Alternatively, you can also do self-drive hire with many local companies that hire out cars for self-drive. Its easy to do all inclusive package with local host and your given senior driver guide who will make your dream safari come true. Gorilla tracking safari packages come with more unlisted experience enroute which only the experienced driver guide can expose them to you. This fully packaged safaris are always much more cheap than self-drive since the operators takes the costs of fuel, driver guide, enroute lunches and others.

Are you in the process of planning or booking your Budget Gorilla trekking? Share with our experienced tour consultants who will guide you at free cost for the best of your budget. Our team gives you highlights on the key aspects of budgeting any Ugandan or East African safari without breaking the bank. We help you outline the key facts to be considered while making your Budget Gorilla trekking. You also free to share your proposed budget then our team can advise you accordingly. They can guide you which country to choose considering more factors which are even beyond the money. For example Gorilla permits in Congo is the cheapest costing 450usd followed by Uganda costing 600usd though next year it will b3 700usd and Rwanda is the most expensive with 1500usd. But we can still make you do the Rwanda Gorilla trekking safari without harming your account however much its expensive to buy the Rwanda gorilla permit.

One can be worried why different countries charge different costs yet the gorillas are all the same. The simple answer is that the conditions that are involved in Budget Gorilla trekking from certain country determines the cost. For example Congo charges the lowest amount due to the fact that the security situation of the country is still not stable. Uganda charges fair price because of the long drive from Entebbe to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park which takes around 9 hours. While Rwanda which is more expensive nicknamed as luxury gorilla trekking country takes only 2 hours drive from Kigali to the Volcanoes national park.  Such factor contribute directly to the costs of the gorilla permits yet they are all Mountain Gorillas. Of recent one of the Gorilla family of Rwanda migrated to Uganda which a group of 20 gorillas. The trekking time is the same and the rules and regulations are all the same.

The other important key factor to consider when doing Gorilla trekking budget is the length of the gorilla trekking. In Uganda we have Gorilla trekking where the traveler takes one hour with the gorillas after meeting them. The cost of the Gorilla trekking permit in Uganda is 600 while Gorilla habituation is 1500usd which can be booked through tour operator or directly from Uganda wildlife Authority . Gorilla habituation is more of research on Gorillas, one spends four hours with the gorillas after meeting the gorillas. The gorilla habituation takes the whole day and its limited to only 4 people per day per Gorilla family. There are only two gorilla families in Uganda where the Gorilla habituation is done.

To reduce on the driving time which was one of the factors that was affecting Uganda Gorilla trekking. Our tour consultants developed packages that start from Kigali to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park which takes four hours drive opposed to Entebbe to Bwindi which takes 9 hours. We advise our guests who openly tell us their budget to book during low season or join our group packages which shares the costs hence reducing on the budget of Gorilla trekking.

Donot stress yourself alone with your next safari booking budget, share with us so that you will be advised accordingly. We sometimes run promotional Gorilla tours at very low price with over 20% discounts. Be updated with our packages by always checking on our website for more information and new Gorilla trekking packages.

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